The Camel Speaks – Are you a Literary Locavore?

I am a Literary Locavore. Are you?

If you like to buy a local author’s book and shop at independent bookstores in your area, then you, too, are a literary locavore! Congratulations!

Literary locavores like to read stories about a place, a region written by a writer from that region. They like to support independent publishers often referred to as “a small press”, too! Small presses, like musicians with their own independent labels, are adventurous and nimble when it comes to producing new works.

Actually, being a literary locavore is not so different from being a food locavore. Look at that canvas bag you are carrying, stuffed with fresh lettuce, kale, tomatoes, peppers, and long skinny white eggplant. Mine contains a basket of Chilton County peaches long known in these parts as Alabama’s best peaches. And we both got these from our respective local farmer’s market, all grown within a hundred miles of our homes.

But being a literary locavore doesn’t mean you are limited to stories about the local area. Au contraire! Together, local writers, local presses, and local bookstores bring the world, even the fantasy world to life and to you.

Be a Literary Locavore!

Join the expedition!

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