The Camel Speaks – The pictures tell John Lonergan’s story

When a writer meets a painter you get a book about the artist, John Lonergan Painter. Writer Liza Elliott (Finding Palestine, One American’s Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East, Hope Publishing House, and 30-A Supper Club, Red Camel Press) began to study oil painting with a painter, John Lonergan, from Pell City, AL, a town half an hour east from Birmingham. Over time, they became friends. One day, they decided to collaborate on a book about his life. They combined vintage family photos, images of his earliest work dating from the second grade, and images of his prize winning oil paintings as a master artist.

The pictures tell his story. John Lonergan is known not only for gorgeous oil paintings of still life, figures, landscapes and portraits, but for his 20 plus year old atelier, or working studio in the style of the old master French painters. Like those ateliers of yore, established painters and new ones study with the master at the Birmingham atelier, creating a vibrant community of painters who explore the rigors and push the boundaries of representational fine art. It is life long learning at its best lead by a painter with a powerful grasp of light, color, form, and perspective.

The book itself is a work of art. Graphic art. Thanks goes to another local Birmingham talent, David Porter, a graphic artist and the book’s designer, who developed new graphic touches never before seen in a full color book.

To see John Lonergan’s paintings and learn more about him and his book, visit his website

If you are in the Birmingham area, go see his works exhibited at Littlehouse Galleries or visit Short of that, get a copy of John Lonergan Painter and see what a small indie publisher with local talent can do.

The Camel Speaks – Are you a Literary Locavore?

I am a Literary Locavore. Are you?

If you like to buy a local author’s book and shop at independent bookstores in your area, then you, too, are a literary locavore! Congratulations!

Literary locavores like to read stories about a place, a region written by a writer from that region. They like to support independent publishers often referred to as “a small press”, too! Small presses, like musicians with their own independent labels, are adventurous and nimble when it comes to producing new works.

Actually, being a literary locavore is not so different from being a food locavore. Look at that canvas bag you are carrying, stuffed with fresh lettuce, kale, tomatoes, peppers, and long skinny white eggplant. Mine contains a basket of Chilton County peaches long known in these parts as Alabama’s best peaches. And we both got these from our respective local farmer’s market, all grown within a hundred miles of our homes.

But being a literary locavore doesn’t mean you are limited to stories about the local area. Au contraire! Together, local writers, local presses, and local bookstores bring the world, even the fantasy world to life and to you.

Be a Literary Locavore!

Join the expedition!