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30-A Supper Club by Liza Elliott

30-a-supper-clubIn 30-A Supper Club sociologist Harley McBride, a longstanding member of a private monthly haute cuisine social club, confronts fraud, illicit affairs, and murder within the ranks of the club during her quest to identify a  gold coin she found on the beach. Ultimately the revelation of the coin’s meaning and unholy source exposes a deep Confederate family secret that involves members of the Supper Club.

30-A Supper Club The Cookbook by Liza Elliott and Nancy Dinsmore

30-A Supper Club gave us a peek into a marvelous world where friends gathered to enjoy fine dining with fantastic menus designed by the hosts.

30-A Supper Club The Cookbook features recipes for all the menus and more so you can recreate the cuisines and moods from the story. Enjoy a festival of food in celebration of friendship.

John Lonergan – Painter   by John Lonergan

Discover the journey of a boy who lived to draw, to his triumph as a master painter and revered teacher. 150 pages, including vintage family photos and beautiful color images from a lifetime of painting, reveal the man and his passion for beauty interpreted by him with light, color and form.

Qatif Junction by Trik Oeflein: Coming soon.

Billions of dollars can be made in oil futures. It is there for the taking, but is not without risk and lifelong friendships may be sacrificed in the process. When nationalism, greed, and repression combine, choices have to be made that have international repercussions. Personal relationships, pipeline security, and the global economy tick along unaware of the countdown toward infamy, known only to the select few.

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