Liza Elliot

Liza Elliott, whenever possible, escapes to Seagrove Beach, Florida, along County Road 30-A. Meantime, she lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband. She teaches the Refugee Health Care course at the Sparkman Center for Global Health at the University of Alabama, at Birmingham. She is the author of Finding Palestine, One American’s Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East, 2002, HOPE Publishing House, Her short works are published in the Birmingham Arts Journal.

John Lonergan

John Lonergan, a prize winning oil painter lives in his hometown of Pell City, AL. Most recently he won the 2012 Energen Art Show Grand Prize, Birmingham, AL. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (1964) and a Master’s degree in Education Administration (1974) from the University of Alabama.

In 1968 he began to exhibit at Littlehouse Galleries in Homewood, AL. Soon after, he began the Lonergan Atelier with its focus on representational art. His paintings are found in many corporate and private collections.

Trik Oeflein

Trik Oeflein hails from Canada, smokes Cuban cigars, and favors Genever, straight up. He might be found fishing in the Gulf, reeling in a lunker. Rumor has it, he will definitely be there, but as yet, has not decided where. Qatif Junction is his first novel in English.